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Bringing the richness of Sri Lanka's agro lands to the world, Agro Health Lanka delivers top-quality health exports.


Agro Health Lanka pvt Ltd Maweela-Kosdeniya Road , Pahala Nelibewa , Moragane. Sri Lanka.
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We’re in business to make things right and need our customers to help us. Let’s make this the norm.

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We work with growers and distributors to bring our produce to customers all over the world.


We believe we can make a difference. Perfect Areca nuts from paradise island. In Sri Lanka, it is known as Karunka.

“Agro Health Lanka: Pioneering Authentic Betel Nut Products for Sustainable Well-being and Delightful Experiences”

Agro Health Lanka pioneers Betel Nut products, including pieces and slices, along with value-added items like Saravita and Sweet Supari.

Our offerings are 100% Sri Lankan, organic, and authentically crafted, ensuring the highest quality for a unique and delightful experience.

We also committed to Sustainable Development Goals, we ensure quality, fair practices, and community well-being, fostering a sustainable future through responsible agriculture and product innovation.

The magical calling from the wonder of AsiaA few things we think you'll love

Many Asian and Oceanic countries have a long tradition of chewing mixtures of areca nut and betel leaf. Areca nut and betel leaf were combined into a psychoactive drug at an unknown time. This is the story of Karunka..

They may have been around for four thousand years or more according to archeological evidence found in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Chewing betel and areca nuts dates back to the pre-Vedic period to the Harappan Empire. According to Chinese literature “San-Hu-Sundan”, written between 140 and 8 B.C., areca nuts were known as “pinlang”, a Malaysian word. According to Alvaro de Mandena, Solomon Islanders chewed areca nuts along with betel leaves and caustic lime, which stained their mouths red. But we, as Sri Lankans, we called it Karunka.

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Why from usWho we are is all about making a difference.

Asia has long practiced this custom, but it is largely unknown beyond its borders. Regardless of gender or age, it embraces every class and every age group. It has long-established roots in Asian culture but is largely based on oral tradition due to its prevalence among agrarian populations. As an anti-toxin and anti-bacterial agent, betel nuts and araca have traditionally been used by people around the world after eating. In this sense, it is suitable for today, since it does not use chalk or tobacco.

Create with confidenceValue addition towards the sustainability

We care about our people, Sri Lanka, and the planet. As one of the largest Karunka exporters in Sri Lanka, we are committed to making a meaningful impact on sustainable development. We believe that sustainability is regenerative, circular, human, and dynamic. We are uniquely positioned to influence the following for a better future for the next generation every day.

⦁ Zero Hunger
⦁ No Poverty
⦁ Life on land
⦁ Responsible consumption and prediction
⦁ Decent work and economic growth

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Agro Health Lanka pvt Ltd
Maweela-Kosdeniya Road ,
Pahala Nelibewa ,
Moragane. Sri Lanka.
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